Final Photo Book

Comm 300 Full PHotobook



I really love the way my phonebook turned out. Even though the cover is cut off in the final print, I feel the book is a professional and accurate representation of my style in photography.

I chose a white, simple theme for my book. I kept it to as few images per page as I could. Simplicity is my main style, and I really wanted to showcase that in my book. I am looking forward to keeping this book as a keepsake and reflecting back in the future on all the photos I took in class this semester.

Final Photo Book

Photo Print

Megin-Southwick-Shallow-DOF-2 2Shearer Photo Video -2-31


For the edits on this photo, I actually used a newborn preset that I have in Lightroom. I used very shallow depth of field in order to make the subject stand out more. I softened her face and eyes just a bit. I feel that the image is much more appealing in black & white rather than color.

Photo Print

Bannack Best: Creative



Out of the Box






The creative portion of the day was one of the most enjoyable – I loved seeing some of the models in their natural habitat and capturing some candids. The creativity limits are endless in Bannack, and each student will interpret things differently. I used auxiliary lighting on the majority of these photos, with the exception of the abstract image. I loved making the levitation shot come to life in post production.

Bannack Best: Creative